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Naturalist Careers Defined

Naturalists (Care-Takers) are individuals who love nature and seek harmony in their environment. They have a love for science as it relates to humans, animals, plants, and all living things. Naturalists, the most balanced of the mega-career clusters, use reason to solve problems but also understand beauty and creation in all forms. They look for common ground and they create peaceful situations. This group includes environmentalists, farmers, and those who work in energy and conservation. It also includes people who work in labs, hospitals, and participate in biological research. They might work as phlebotomists, nurses, therapists, and medical technicians. Naturalists work in healthcare and human services and help people emotionally. Naturalists find jobs in, agriculture, energy, healthcare, social services, yoga instructors, personal trainers, wind, solar, and pharmaceuticals.

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  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  • Healthcare
  • Human Services & Social Sciences
  • Education & Training

Am I A Naturalist? 

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