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Protector Careers Defined

Protectors (Security group) are the gate-keepers of information, structures, and people. They work in careers that pertain to security, protection, and privacy. They enforce the laws and develop the policy of emerging threats, including cyber-security. Cyber-security is emerging and now offers new and exciting careers. Protectors make decisions based on the letter of the law, which they seek to maintain at all times. These are the people you can trust to tell your secrets to because they tend to be private and crave order. Protectors are found in criminal justice, cyber-security, law, law enforcement, and government. They are civil servants, police officers, lawyers, truant officers, parole officers, security officers, detectives, correctional officers, guards, homeland security officers, and network security specialists.

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  • Government & Public Admin
  • Security, Law, Public Safety
  • Historian

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