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Visionaries (the Futurists) see and understand the big picture. A visionary has a plan and will take calculated risks to reach a deeper understanding. This group is analytical and seeks the truth. Visionaries are entrepreneurs and forward-thinking individuals in any field. Visionaries are also found in STEM careers, science, technology, engineering, and math. This group of individuals can be good at almost anything making the career decision process overwhelming with too many options from which to choose. If you have an interest in AI, VR, the internet of things, drones, robotics, self-driving cars, bitcoin, gig economy, advances in energy, advances in medicine, or all things futuristic check out the visionary careers.

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Unless We Future-Proof Healthcare, Study Shows That By 2025, 75% Of Healthcare Workers Will Leave The Profession

Unless We Future-Proof Healthcare, Study Shows That By 2025, 75% Of Healthcare Workers Will Leave The Profession There has never been a greater need for

Prioritize student well-being with Reflect in Microsoft Teams

All students need an inclusive, supportive space to learn and navigate different challenges—both in the classroom setting and outside of it. This is especially valuable

Teaching Financial Literacy Through Play with Minecraft: Education Edition

Were you taught about money matters in school? Financial literacy is often overlooked in K–12 education, but it sets students up for success and security

Discovery Education integrates with Immersive Reader to make learning more accessible for all

Today we are excited to announce that Microsoft’s Immersive Reader has been integrated into Discovery Education’s award-winning K-12 services!  Immersive Reader’s integration with Discovery Education’s dynamic

Students Design Innovative Solutions in the Singapore Energy Grand Challenge for Youth

The urgency of fighting climate change becomes more apparent every year, and it will be the youth of today who experience its effects most profoundly.

How customers accelerated industry innovation during a year of disruptive change: A look back on 2020

While 2020 can certainly be characterized as a year of disruptive change, it was also a year of accelerated innovation across industries and technology trends

What’s New in Microsoft Edge for Education – BETT / January 2021

  Try reading this blog using Immersive Reader! (Right click and open in a new tab)   As Barbara Holzapfel (VP – Microsoft Education) and

What’s New in Microsoft Teams for Education | January 2021

We’re going to keep this month short and sweet. There are new features and capabilities to share for Microsoft Teams for Education this month, and

Sustainability City: Explore Energy Efficiency in the Urban Space

Today, Microsoft shared early progress and learnings on its 10-year strategy to become carbon negative, water positive, and zero waste, and develop a planetary computing

Five tips to help keep your online classrooms safer with Microsoft Teams

Faced with an unprecedent global crisis that disrupted classrooms around the world, educators demonstrated perseverance, agility, and creativity in quickly adapting to an online classroom

Minecraft: Education Edition’s Bright Lights of 2020

2020 has had its ups and downs for sure, but in spite of all the challenges facing educators and students, incredible things have been happening

Canadian Storytelling in Minecraft: A Creative Response to Teaching During a Pandemic

In the spring of 2020, Canadian schools were in the midst of closures due to the global pandemic. Teachers were looking for ways to engage

Students Around the World Shared Indigenous Stories for the November Build Challenge

To correspond with Native American Heritage Month in the United States, our November Build Challenge was all about Indigenous Stories. We invited students around the

Learn to code with materials inspired by “Space Jam: A New Legacy”

Space Jam: A New Legacy is inspiring unique learning opportunities for students of all ages! Basketball and coding have more in common than you might

See the Winning Projects from the Minecraft Education Global Build Championship

This October, we launched the first-ever Minecraft Education Global Build Championship. This worldwide challenge invited students to imagine places where humans and animals could safely

Minecraft: Education Edition at ISTE20 Live

ISTE20 Live is fully virtual this year, and we’ll be right there to help educators explore ways to use Minecraft: Education Edition to support student

Advance Computer Science Learning into the World of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an exciting horizon in the world of computer science, empowering technology to advance in ways never before possible. The implications of AI

What’s New in Microsoft Teams for Education | November 2020

I think we can all agree that this has been an unusual and expectation-defying school year in each and every way. First and foremost, we

YC Gaming Startups Are Hiring (Job Expo with Emmett Shear, CEO of Twitch)

Event page: https://www.workatastartup.com/events/gaming-tech-talks-2020 YC’s Work at a Startup and founders and teams of 8 YC gaming startups are coming together to host a first ever

First (and last) impressions count – alumna defines the guest experience in her #firstjob at The Landmark London

On her first day of studies at Glion, BBA student Gemma Herd already knew the role she wanted after graduation. And when you know what